Fascination About navaran mantra

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रूचि कृत पितृ स्तोत्र पितृ स्तोत्र रुचिरुवाच अर्चितनाममूर्त्तानां पितृणां दीप्ततेजसां राम नाम में इतनी शक्ति क्यों है ? ... Vardaayini = Var + Daayini, in which var means ‘boon’ and daayini is ‘giver’. Thus the 1 who gives boons is vardaayini. We invoke the divine mother as ‘Yai’ which represents https://baglamukhi-shabar-mantra53209.howeweb.com/17234580/details-fiction-and-navaran-mantra


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